Our Story


Better Business Basics helps companies get their financial records organised and systemised, using what’s happened to help them understand what makes them grow. We use a respectful dialogue of asking and listening that is all about building trust. We are outcome and future focused, delivering the information companies need to run a great business and build profitable business relationships.

We do more than take care of the numbers, we find the story in them

And if your business turns over $1 to $20 million in revenue, then we’re designed specifically to do it for you.

Not only do we take care of your day-to-day bookkeeping in Australia with the expertise, commitment and information you need to run a great business, we’ll do it 10% cheaper than doing it internally.

We’ll also put together the optimum tech stack to make sure you’re running as optimally as possible; we’ll match you with the best person on our team for you; and then we’ll use the best process to tie it all together for you and your internal team.

So if you’re questioning your numbers, first we’ll make sure they’re right and then we’ll answer the real questions, like:

  • Is my business model working?
  • How can I use my resources for most impact?
  • Where are my roadblocks to growth?
  • What can I learn from other businesses like mine?
  • And the big one, how do I get more profit?

Because numbers tell stories, and it’s time to get yours.

…We pick the best people in our field, match them to you by what they can do, what they have experienced, who they are and how to use this to best help you.


We’ve Better People

The only thing we love more than numbers, is making sure only the best people bring them to you.

We employ our team, offer flexible working schedules, and encourage them to share their experience to help others. Our PerfectMatch™ process assesses skill set, experience and personality fit across all our Account Managers to make sure we choose someone or a team who will fit in perfectly with you and your internal team.

All come with relevant financial qualifications and attend regular internal training to make sure they are always at the cutting edge of regulation and software updates.

Because we know it’s about us fitting in with you, not the other way around.

Everywhere From Anywhere

We don’t just operate in the cloud – we were born there.

So not only can we service your business wherever it is, but our low overheads let us do it more efficiently than just about anyone else. That doesn’t mean we cut corners on the things that matter, like security of your information, or using contractors offshore without your OK to keep costs down.

We’ll help guide your tech stack decisions and how to get the best from your financial software investment, and then wrap it in solid processes run by knowledgeable people.

We follow the best practice way of doing things – local support with global experience. In-house or off-site. Whatever works for you best.

Experience That Works

The last you thing you want is a someone learning the ropes on your time.

The BBB Way™ takes care of that. It details all critical finance processes including automated checklists across key accounting milestones such as payroll, BAS, and month-end and year-end reporting. It means you get the benefit of our collective experience and compliance issues just go away.

And for those on The Numbers, Numbers Plus or The Numbers Advantage program we go a step further and build you a customised set of procedures so no matter what, you always know where to get the answer.

Some would call it obsessive, to us it’s simply a job done properly.


Know How You Compare

Accounting is great at telling you what happened and how you did comparing yourself to yourself, but how do you know how you’re really doing without comparing yourself to others?

In an SME first, The Num8erlust™ Platform allows you to compare your numbers, in both the obvious places (your industry) but also where you might not think about looking (others in a different industry but who could show you another way of looking at things). Taking data collected across thousands of Australian SMEs, it provides you with answers to your most pressing questions, to get the most out of every decision.

With The Num8erlust™ Platform you won’t just know your numbers, you’ll know what to make of them too.


We’ve been doing what we do for 15 years

July 2006
We start as a Bookkeeping Practice of one in Adelaide with a vision to start a national service based in the Cloud. How hard could it really be?
January 2010
We start to build the cloud-based support system that allows us to deliver our services without the need for an office
January 2011
We engage our first client in Sydney - our first outside our home state. We keep our HQ in Adelaide and use this as our blueprint
July 2012
We extend our service hub to Melbourne concentrating on law firms, tech service providers and GP practices
July 2014
We are awarded the Telstra Australian Business Awards SA State Finalist for 2014 and the Australian Business Awards Employer of Choice Award for 2014
July 2015
Annie Flannagan, our Founder & CEO, is awarded the Telstra Australian Business Womens Awards SA State Finalist 2015 in the Entrepreneurship category and we are awarded Employer of Choice 2015 for the second year running
August 2018
Annie Flannagan is awarded an Industry Leaders Fund grant to attend Stanford School of Business - Executive Program for Growing Companies
February 2019
We continue to create a national service with clients in the ACT and non-Metro Australia from our HQ in Adelaide
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