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We do more than take care of the numbers, we find the story in them.

We’ll get your financial records organised and systemised, helping you to understand what will bring growth.

Services - Financial Healthcheck

The full once over.

A healthy finance system includes the four ‘P’s’ – Program, People, Process and Performance. Each need to work independently but more importantly, together, to create the optimum system that hums in the background of any great business.

We ask the hard questions: What software are you using? Are you maximising what it can do? Do you have the right Finance people in the right roles? Can they cover the range of finance tasks you need or are you making do? Are your processes very manual? Do they depend on any one person who knows everything with nothing recorded anywhere?

And the critical questions: What really makes your business tick and creates the biggest gains from the smallest of actions?

Services - Day2Day

It all starts here.

Your financial data needs to be complete, consistent and on-time.

Data entry may be dead but the basics remain the same. How do you spend the least time possible recording your historical financial data so that you can use it to help you build your future.

Technology wrapped in disciplined processes ensure that all the financial information we work with starts its journey in the right place so that your reporting is based in fact not fiction.

We cover AP, AR, Debtor Management, Reconciliations, Payroll
and employment compliance tasks right the way through to full reporting to help get you there.

Services - +CFO

The roadmap.

Every business reaches this stage in the climb. You need the breadth and depth of a great CFO but you don’t need them all the time.

You need someone who can drop-in, when you and your team need them, pick up the issue quickly and then work with your historical data and the economic context of the world around you to work on your future with you.

They need to be flexible, intuitive and clear in their communication.

They deliver the high-level clearly so you understand and can get the answers to the questions you have.

Think of them as the Interpreter.


Our client base covers SMEs who are employers with annual turnovers of between $1m-$20m.  As part of our +CFO service, each month we provide a macro view of the SME economic landscape. For more information on how we view your monthly financial data through a Macro and Industry lens, contact us today.
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Fixed Fee Finance Team
When you sign on with Better Business Basics we give you certainty with your accounting fees. You can be sure the amount you're quoted is what will you pay.
We are the SME experts
SMEs with a turnover between $1-$20 million are our bread and butter. Our years of experience working with businesses like yours means we can hit the ground running.
Quickstart Guarantee
We guarantee to have someone in your finance seat within 10 working days, or you will receive a complimentary business health check valued at $495.
10% savings guarantee
We work smarter, not harder. If you currently spend more than $25,000 per year on your finance function, we guarantee a minimum ongoing saving of 10% per month.
Andy Neumann
Sensei Project Solutions
Chief Executive Officer

We’ve been up and running with BBB since late 2017 and they have helped and grown beside us during that time. The whole team has been excellent and brought to the table many diverse skills that I feel we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get within a single employee. The team helps out with everything from weekly payroll, dealing with multiple state based payroll tax systems, helping with end of month activities… the list goes on! More than just what they do, it’s how they do it. I feel like they approach each task with a smile and a “no problems” attitude, which in our business gels really well with our culture. I can’t recommend BBB highly enough (and have to other businesses already!)

Human Psychology Square Spaced
Samantha Young
Human Psychology
Managing Director & Clinical Psychologist

BBB stepped in October 2019 to support both our finance processes and providing a part-time CFO service. Since coming on board, they have helped us navigate COVID-19, implemented cloud software, including XERO and Fathom, streamlined processes and installed new disciplines. I am not overstating things when I say their presence in the business has genuinely helped me to sleep at night as a small business owner. Annie and her team are smart, practical, fast and strategic and they are a pleasure to work with. They have become an integral part of the future success of Human Psychology.

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