Our Philosophy

We share what we know. So who we are is what makes us different and underpins how you benefit.

BBB uses knowledge networks and the principles of knowledge management, including the concept of ‘Ba’, or a shared space for knowledge creation, originally proposed by Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida. It means that whilst you have one Account Manager, you have the benefit of the skills of us all when you need it.




We pick the best people in our field, match them to you by what they can do, what they have experienced, who they are and how to use this to best help you.


Our Leadership Team

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Annie has extensive experience in the efficiencies gained through the most effective use of Product, Process and People. Specialising in financial knowledge management and business strategy, Annie leads a national team looking after SMEs in all industries.

She has a MBA from Adelaide University where her elective subjects were Services Marketing, Knowledge Management, Negotiations and Operations Management.

Why I love working for BBB: It's just a joy to watch something that started as an idea from just one person in one place, grow into something that links people across the country. We are what we are, because of who we are. I still love coming to work every day.


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MEAGAN CARROLL, National Operations Manager 

Meagan has had over 15 years’ experience in the finance industry in a variety of roles including bookkeeping and management. 

Meagan’s strengths are communication and leadership, with the foresight to predict any changes that may occur and proactively execute the most appropriate outcome both with internal and external matters.

She has the ability to build strong teams and motivate them to achieve the best results for our clients, clearly a high valued member of staff.

Why I love working for BBB: It gives me the opportunity to provide SMEs with professional bookkeeping which enables them to concentrate on running their businesses. Through my job, I also get to educate other bookkeepers on how to provide their clients with effective and efficient services whilst updating their own personal skills. BBB allows both clients and employees to succeed in business.



MARY JENSEN, Business Development Manager

Mary has over 30 years of finance experience and has worked in many roles, including over 20 years in senior roles of Financial Controller and Finance Manager. She has implemented many different types of ERP systems across her career including SAP, Pronto, Sage, Micropay, Attache, and Xero to name a few. She also has extensive experience working in Mergers and Acquisitions’ blending teams of various shapes and forms, which is where her interests in Human Behaviour was sparked.  

After retraining with The Coaching Institute Mary has qualifications as a Meta Dynamics Practitioner and Profiler, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Deep State Re-patterning along with Extended Disc Practitioner and Profiler. Mary’s passion now lies in working with people and teams to help fulfil their needs. Having such an extensive financial background enables the discussions to be real and relevant.

Why I love working for BBB: I was attracted to my role at BBB as it fulfilled my needs of working in a great culture, a supportive environment and with passionate people, who thrive on giving value to others, especially their clients, the executive team and all staff members.



SARA GOODWIN, Regional Manager - NSW

Sara is a Chartered Accountant and has over 15 years experience working in both public practice and the finance industry in Australia, the UK, and the US. Sara has managed both local and international finance teams and proactively manages her team members to ensure that her clients needs are being met and exceeded, while ensuring that her team members are working in harmony.

Sara has worked with various different finance systems throughout her career and has the ability to critically analyse what is happening in a finance team and their associated systems, and take steps to enable the people and the processes to work as efficiently as possible.

Why I love working for BBB: Because it allows me to be a professional working mum, where work/life balance is actually practiced and encouraged!


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EMMA McKINNON, Financial Administrator

Emma has seen BBB grow and develop over the last eight years and she has been responsible for ensuring that the financial and internal process structure could keep up with our growth. Her varied experience in administration and financial management has given her much to draw against.

Why I love working for BBB: I have been presented with valuable opportunities and the chance to learn from our wonderful Staff and Clients which would rarely be offered by other Companies. 



CATHY ANTONIOU, Digital Marketing & Public Relations Manager

With a strong marketing and communications background, Cathy has over 10 years of professional experience and has worked across a myriad of industries including automotive, hospitality, retail and franchise marketing.

Responsible for managing all internal and external communications including website, public relations, social media and key stakeholder initiatives, she is highly proficient in deciphering key motivators of internal and external customers, with excellent skills in utilising tools to maximise reach and capability of marketing activity.

Why I love working for BBB: It’s refreshing to be in an environment that is not competitive; but instead encourages and facilitates sharing, learning and the bettering of each other. Annie and the BBB team are not just a fantastic group of people who are dedicated, uplifting and supportive, but are also a unique team that have a wonderful culture and an indescribable energy that just sucks you in!


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SUSAN CHAND, Internal Brand & Recruitment Manager

Susan has over 12 years’ experience within the recruitment industry, including working across contact centre, travel/tourism and hospitality.  She is experienced in recruiting  roles from Graduate to General Manager level and has recruited nationally across many industries.

Her strength is her ability to manage the customer experience - both client and candidate, and believes that her success has been achieved through her ability to nurture long term relationships and keeping the needs of the customer at the heart of what she does.

Why I love working for BBB: Annie is a true advocate of enabling her staff to be the best people that they can be – she is open to feedback and has provided us with the tools that we need to do our jobs properly.  This is a role that has positively impacted my life as it supports the needs of parents whilst still holding down a professional role in an established business.