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We’re different. Here’s why

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Better Business Basics was established in Adelaide in 2006 by me - a one-man-band bookkeeper. Back then, I had two children under four as a single parent. Two things became apparent to me really quickly:

  • Business owners weren’t being given what they needed by their service providers to help them make more money

  • There were many fantastic financial professionals out there with great experience, just like me, who had a life outside work (children, elderly parent, further study), who just couldn’t find meaningful part-time work in the financial field

The business is not about just me anymore. BBB now have Financial Account Managers working together with our clients in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and remotely across Australia, every day. The principles that guided us then, guide us now. We’ve made the same mistakes growing BBB that you have growing yours. We face the same things you do – not enough time, not enough cash-flow, not enough good people. We’ve done it, let us do it for you.

That was then. Who are we now?

We worked out what business really needed in their financial function – efficiency in people and process, the historical numbers quickly, prediction about the future and advice based in experience. And we leaned (the hard way) how to - give you what you need, duplicate ourselves, deliver quality in everything we do, every time and be two steps ahead of you so that we can help move you forward.

We put good people and good business together

The BBB Database is an invaluable recruitment resource used by clients and strategic partners to access some of the best financial personnel nationally. BBB work hand-in-glove with most Big-Four and mid-tier accounting organisations as their preferred bookkeeping solution, with clients also referred by banks, software providers and other SME service professionals.

All at BBB are qualified to Diploma or Degree status in either Accounting or Bookkeeping, and are fully insured with a current Police Check. We all operate within our BMS quality framework ensuring a quality of technical ability and customer service consistent throughout our organisation. A ‘buddy’ system ensures that there are always two BBB Account Managers who can carry out regular bookkeeping maintenance work for each client thereby guaranteeing continuation of service through holidays and changes of personnel.

We don’t waste anything - time on manual processes, money on overheads or people matched to the wrong job

BBB’s expertise is in reducing time and cost in data entry – if it can be done faster and smarter by a process or by a program, we’ll do it. We then use people to leverage the value of this data through reporting and analysis. The depth and scope of the BBB client base nationally offers peer-to-peer and cross-industry benchmarking and KPIs in real time to assist SMEs in the strategic decision making process. You can’t buy this information, but if the financial process is delivered by BBB, the information is yours too.

We don’t believe that us having offices with a receptionist to answer the phone and a great coffee machine helps you to be more profitable. BBB uses secure Cloud-based technology to maintain a lean business model which promotes agility and flexibility in creating our framework - this makes BBB entirely mobile. The combination of on-site service delivery and web-delivered and mobile communication systems, deliver the optimum financial service, which can be scaled up or down easily in response to your needs. Things change, and we can change with you. 

BBB uses knowledge networks and the principles of knowledge management, including the concept of ‘Ba’, or a shared space for knowledge creation, originally proposed by Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida. It means that whilst you have one Account Manager, you have the benefit of the skills of us all when you need it.

We pick the best people in our field, match them to you by what they can do (technical testing and training), who they are (behavioural testing) and how to best help you (customer service).

We develop strategic alliances with accounting and education organisations to promote effective change in the accounting industry. We believe passionately that good financial personnel are at the centre of every successful organisation. And whatever you are doing today, it can be done better tomorrow.

Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it

BBB has featured in The Australian Financial Review, BRW, the Adelaide Advertiser and other SME business print and online publications. We are Telstra Business Award 2014 finalists and Australian Business Award 2014 Employer of Choice winners.

Benefits recap

  • We’ll give you a finance function that costs you less, gives you more, or does both

  • Get one of us, you get the knowledge and skills of us all

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