What is BBBValueBill?

We believe that a customer is best served when fees are based on the value of what we deliver, with a clear view of cost upfront. BBBValueBill is an alternative to paying for your bookkeeping by the hour. It is a fixed fee service where your costs are ascertained for the next 12 months against a list of agreed items that will be completed for that fee.

Why should I BBBValueBill?

 BBBValueBill will do two main things for you:

  1. Tell you how much your standard bookkeeping process is going to cost you for the next 12 months
  2. Let you know exactly what you are paying for


There are some obvious advantages for you:

  1. It’s transparent – your costs are the same every month - guaranteed
  2. It’s measurable - you have a checklist of those tasks that we do for you every month which we’ll review with you every three months
  3. It’s easy - you don’t have to make an investment decision every time you ask us to do something for you
  4. It’s automatic – you pay by credit card or direct debit every month without thinking about it
  5. It’s better value – because we have certainty over time, we can plan and lock-in the cost – this allows us to pass the cost advantages to you

Why did BBB introduced this service?

We are constantly looking for ways to offer a better service. The current economic climate is making us all look at the way we obtain value. We’ve been delivering fixed-fee services for 5 years. We think that 70% of our clients can’t be wrong. It was a no-brainer.

Why do I have to commit to 12 months?

Although the bookkeeping process follows a typical monthly cycle for most businesses, a year takes into consideration all the ebbs and flows of the financial year such as BAS, annual reconciliations, and the normal changes in pace that happens in all businesses.

What happens to any service requested outside the agreed tasks?

Those tasks will be charged at our normal standard rate and this will be discussed with you beforehand so there are no surprises. But unless your business goes through a major change (such as a restructure or an acquisition), this shouldn’t be necessary.

What are my payment options with this service?

All fixed fees are due monthly paid either by Visa or Mastercard through PayPal, or Direct Debit organised through your bank. All we ask is that you pay for the service in the month it is delivered.

How do you calculate our BBBValueBill fees?

We have three simple steps to calculate your BBBValueBill:

  1. Firstly, we obtain a full understanding of your business needs in our free up-front meeting. We also talk to the other key players in your team including your management team, Accountant, business coach and listen to what they are not getting from your current financial function. We encourage to tell us your story wart-and-all (we’ve seen it all).
  2. We list the tasks in your financial cycle in each area of your business and recommend what needs changing, why and what you have that’s working.
  3. If you are not a current customer of ours already, we will present you with three different options to suit your budget


Do I have to BBBValueBill?

We can offer an hourly rate service, if this suits you better. BBBValueBill is just an alternative to the traditional way of charging for professional services.

How can I validate what you are offering?

If after our initial meeting, you’re still not sure, we can arrange for you to speak to someone who has already made the decision to BBBValueBill. Don’t take our word for it.

"We’ve been a customer of BBB's for a while now. When the offer came for us to switch to the new fixed fee, it was an obvious choice. The level of transparency of the fee structure and the detailed list of what the fee included made the decision an easy one. It's great… now I know for sure what this area of my business is going to cost for the next 12 months."


Craig Packer – Managing Director
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Remember 70% of our clients prefer to be billed this way.