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It wasn’t that long ago that if you serviced the general B2B sector, clients would want you to only work with one organisation in each sector – them! How times have changed, and along with it the concept that you are better engaging service providers that are ‘specialised’ over ‘generalised’. 

When you’ve been working day-in day-out with SMEs as long as we have, delivering bookkeeping, reporting and benchmarking to businesses across the country, you start to gather ‘Organisation Clusters’ – similar organisations in the same or similar industries.

Here’s what we’ve experienced as the Top Five reasons clients want us to have others just like them in our stable:

  1. We’re Already Up To Speed - We don’t need to use their precious time and resources using them as a guinea pig whilst we 'gen' yourself up on their industry
  2. We’ve Used Their Industry Tools - We can recommend industry-specific software that could benefit them (because we’ve used it) or we already know the software they’re using and can teach them and their staff something they didn’t know
  3. We’ve Already Written The Map - We have already developed Standard Operating Procedures (on a Wiki, of course!) and so developing theirs will only take a fraction of the time
  4. We Know People In The Know – Because we’ve been around other organisations in their field, the chances are that we know other service providers that specialise in what they do that can also use their specialised expertise to help. We also know their lingo
  5. We Can Tell Them How They’re Doing – We’ve gathered knowledge and data in a framework that can be presented to clients that show them how they compare to KPIs in their own industry and those of similar industries

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes but it pays to choose someone that knows you, your industry, your industry’s weird little foibles and quirks and how they apply to your financials.

So the next time your Bookkeeper or Accountant looks vague and says ‘Hmmm…never worked with one of those before’.

BBB, a regional Telstra Business Award finalist, has spent the last eight years assisting SMEs to drive value through financial processes through our unique approach of Program + People + Process. As industry leader in providing SMEs with services such as bookkeeping, management reporting, system process improvement, integration of business systems and accounting software, and BBBenchmarking to SMEs, BBB work on the front-line to assist business to replace their heavy, old-school finance department with a resource for the future FOR LESS.

Remember, 78%* of SMEs have financial departments that could cost less or work harder.

For further information on how we deliver an in-house outsourced finance function to cost you less or deliver you more, take the next step by visiting us here

*-2014 BBB Survey of SMEs in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. Sample size: 126 respondents

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