Why Work With BBB

BBB works closely with a number of firms including top and mid-tier firms, developing a two way referral relationship of clients, where we each focus on what we do best. Our key services for Accountants include bookkeeping, accounting system integration, troubleshooting and financial recruitment.

We provide a measurable extension of your services to your client, delivering accurate and timely figures in the most effective format for them and you, using Program + Process + People. Our aim is to provide you with an external service that’s an extension of your practice - that services your clients in the way that you do.

We are trustworthy and reliable, knowledgeable, qualified and confidential. And we provide constant feedback.

We offer you a full complement of external Bookkeeping and Financial Controller services with an internal feel that will give you:

  • A trusted resource that will allow you to concentrate on high-margin, wealth creation services and reduce non-billable time
  • Increased flexibility with minimised risk by only tapping into resources that you and your clients need, when you need them
  • An EOFY process customised to your internal systems
  • Complimentary On-Boarding from desktop software to cloud software for your clients (as part of ongoing bookkeeping service agreements)
  • A unique way of garnering employer engagement by offering opportunities to your staff to develop key ‘on-the-ground’ skills and relevant technology training with us
  • Industry insights including KPI and benchmarking (based on client data and industry knowledge/data)
  • BBB Database with access to 2,000+ bookkeepers and financial staff
  • Quarterly presentations to your Partners and staff on software developments, optimum SME processes and market developments
  • A designated BBB Team Leader to provide you with ongoing client feedback

Our current client base is diverse. Over 90% of our clients find us by way of recommendation from a business colleague or accountant.

How We Benefit Your Clients